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We’re proud of the smiles we’ve transformed with advanced dental procedures.

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Video Testimonials


I’m very happy with them, and glad I went with straightening instead of veneers.

Carezza, Tinton Falls, NJ


I love my results! If you saw me 6 months ago, you wouldn’t believe it.

Jessica, Tinton Falls, NJ


I’m getting married in May and I’m very excited to have nice teeth for the wedding.

Elizabeth, Tinton Falls, NJ


It’s been quick and easy, and pain free believe it or not… now I’ll have a beautiful smile.

Mary, Tinton Falls, NJ

Professional Endorsement

Hagerstown, Maryland cosmetic dentist Dr. Paul McAllister speaks about Dr. Bruce Bilow.

“I know Bruce and his work, he is dedicated to give his patients the best Quality care, he wants his patients to look great and have healthy smiles. He is committed to his patients and dentistry beyond what I see in other dentists.”

Staten Island,NY implant dentist Dr. Chris Bernardini speaks About Dr. Bruce Bilow

“Bruce is one of the most educated dentists that I have ever met. I keep running into him at continuing educational courses. He has taught me a lot about dentistry.”

Houma, Louisiana implant dentist Dr. Pedro Cuartas Speaks about Dr. Bruce Bilow

“Bruce is a good friend of mine. We met at a continuing educational course for dental implants. Bruce is one of the most enthusiastic guys I knows interims of dentistry. Bruce is a down to earth guy, very passionate about what he does, he creates incredible smiles. I have seen his before and after. Bruce is unique in that he does 6 month braces.”

Syracuse,NY implant dentist Dr. Shreyas Patel speaks about Dr. Bruce Bilow

“Bruce is truly a nice man. As a new dentist I look up to Bruce. He sets the bar for me to strive to get to his level and bring that kind of care to my patients.”

Atlantic City implant dentist Dr. Erik Mendelssohn speaks about Dr. Bruce Bilow

“Bruce is a very, very motivated dentist. He loves what he does, he loves his patients. He is a dentist that I look up to as a young dentist.”

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