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With all of our services, we employ the most current techniques and tools to optimize your dental work and keep you safe. For general dentistry in Tinton Falls, call NJ Laser Dentistry today.

General Dentistry in Tinton Falls

Regular dental cleanings and checkups are the best preventative actions you can take for a healthy mouth. Regular visits to the dentist will help you and the dentist monitor your mouth and any changes that occur.

We aim to make your regular cleanings a stressless process with our comfort measures, soothing office atmosphere, and pleasant staff.

Porcelain Fillings (Inlays)

Whether you are suffering from a cracked tooth or an old filling needs replaced, porcelain offers a great option for your most natural smile. If you currently have a filling made with a noticeable substance like gold or silver, porcelain fillings (also called porcelain inlays) can offer you a more natural solution to a beautiful smile. A custom-made and shaped insert, the filling can be created to match the color and shape with your existing tooth so it is a perfect fit every time. The filling bonds with your tooth, and it helps prevents further cavities while having the added benefit of being stain resistant and long-lasting.

Composite Bonding

To restore small areas of decay in your teeth, we use bonded composite resin (tooth-colored) fillings. Tooth-colored fillings have several advantages: they look natural, and they actually bond to your teeth, providing a better seal to prevent further decay. They also insulate better against hot and cold and can be repaired easily if they wear down.


Are you looking to prevent cavities? A dental sealant may be the answer you’re looking for. A material applied to areas of the teeth most likely to decay, sealants hold up well to regular brushing, flossing, and chewing and prevent food from reaching the areas of your mouth where brushing may not reach. This is the perfect (and painless) preventative measure for both children and adults to maintain a healthier smile for years to come.


Dentures are a conventional dental solution, where a removable appliance replaces missing teeth in order to help replace your smile. Because of the immediacy of the procedure, wherein you receive your dentures the same day any remaining teeth are removed, dentures can be an excellent solution to prevent further problems with the mouth and jaw. Reclaim the youthful smile you used to have with a perfect-fit set of dentures.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Getting your wisdom teeth out doesn’t have to be something you dread. At NJ Laser Dentistry, we understand it can be intimidating to undergo wisdom teeth removal. That’s why whether it’s one tooth or several that need to be removed, we will make you as comfortable as possible during your dental surgery.

Wisdom teeth are typically removed as they come in and begin to impact other teeth. Because most adults typically already have a complete set of teeth by the time wisdom teeth are coming in, they are removed to prevent disease, discomfort, and misaligning other teeth. With our comfort menu and anesthesia options, you can ensure your wisdom teeth extraction doesn’t have to be a bad experience – you probably won’t even remember it happened.

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Pam C.

Kim is a wonderful dental hygienist that truly cares about her patients. She is very diligent in cleaning my teeth assuring she gets any & all plaque buildup from every nook and cranny. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for that special dental hygienist that is gentle with her work & a very nice person to boot. 👍😁

Deborah S.

Totally professional, while making you feel like you’re visiting a friend. Exceptional work with state of the art equipment and training! I never worry about going to the dentist.

Catherine C.

Dr. Bilow is an amazing Dentist and such a positive caring person. I cannot thank him enough. The staff he has put together and his practice's policies make you feel valued and cared for. I am extremely grateful and thankful!
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