Tips on Preventing Tooth Decay in Babies

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Since a baby’s smile is so precious, it is essential for parents to do everything they can to make sure this lasts. Contrary to what most people believe, although the primary teeth are bound to be lost at a certain age, they deserve the right care and attention like any other permanent structures. Understand that losing baby teeth prematurely can affect permanent teeth in several ways.

One of the common reasons that can compromise baby teeth is tooth decay. If you think that leaving this issue untreated is fine since there is another batch of teeth to grow out, you are greatly mistaken. Know that leaving tooth decay untreated can lead to pain, costly treatments, and even serious infections.

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Signs of Tooth Decay

Take note that tooth decay may appear as white spots on the upper front teeth and along the gum line. Even to dentists, without the right equipment, these spots can be hard to see. Remember that it is essential to examine and treat tooth decay while early to prevent the issue from spreading, which can lead to damage.

Tips to Keep Tooth Decay at Bay

Do not use their sippy cup as an alternative to a pacifier

Letting a child walk around with a drink which may come in contact with their teeth for a prolonged period is a no-no. But if they are really used with a sippy cup in hand, make sure only to fill it with water.

Teach them to use a regular cup while early

As much as possible, children should be drinking in a cup by 12 to 15 months of age. It is essential for parents to practice this to avoid extending the contact of harmful liquids around the teeth of their little ones.

Do not put them to bed with a bottle of milk and food

Doing so will expose children to sugar, which can harm their teeth. Plus, it may also put them at risk for choking and even ear infection.

Limit consumption of sticky and sweet foods

As much as possible, control the child’s intake of candies, cookies, gummies, fruit rolls, crackers, and even chips. These treats contain sugar that is harmful to the teeth. It is best to consume these foods only during mealtime to limit the possible damage.

Let them see the dentist regularly

Most dentists, including ours at NJ Laser Dentistry advice parents to bring in their child for the first time after their first tooth erupts and no later than six months. This practice should then be observed every six months for the dentist to monitor the build-up of tooth decay and other oral complications. Parents are assured that their child’s oral health will be kept in shape.

Children also deserve outstanding dental care services, that is why we provide Pediatric Dentistry Services in Tinton Falls, NJ. Book their appointment with us at NJ Laser Dentistry and let us help them achieve healthy and long-lasting smiles!