The Benefits of Wearing Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards

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Despite taking precautions, it is still possible for people who engage in contact sports and other physical activities to accidentally acquire injuries. That is why athletes need to secure protective pads and other safety gear that their sport requires. However, it is not just the body and head that needs to be protected; the mouth shouldn’t be left unguarded as well. Accidental blows to the mouth can damage the soft or hard tissues, which may lead to tooth loss and other problems. Fortunately, there is one particular dental appliance that can help protect the mouth from trauma—mouth guards!

mouth guard

Nowadays, there are mouth guards that can be simply be purchased online or even in physical sporting goods stores. However, we at NJ Laser Dentistry discourage the use of such products since they can cause more harm than good. Although stock, as well as Boil and Bite mouth guards, can be conveniently acquired, they do not offer the best fit, coverage, and protection for the mouth. As a result, athletes are not guaranteed to avoid possible dental injuries while playing. Fret not for our dental professional understands the importance of keeping the mouth safe; that is why we offer custom-made mouth guards. As its name implies, these mouth guards are created with a particular patient’s needs and condition in mind. Curious to know if a mouth guard created under the attention of a dentist is any different from store-bought options? Get the answers by knowing the benefits it offers. Read on!


Over the counter mouth guards comes in a one-size-fits-all size. This fact alone is enough to prove that the store-bought options do not offer the most reliable fit for an athlete’s mouth. Since it does not fit well, it is less likely to provide enough protection to avoid dental injuries. But with custom-fitted mouth guards, athletes are guaranteed to have an adequately protected mouth that can give them the assurance to play confidently.

Better comfort

Mouth guards provided by dentists are molded based on the exact measurements taken from the patient. As a result, they are less likely to have unnecessary bulky materials that can be uncomfortable for the mouth. Since it fits perfectly in the mouth, athletes can concentrate better during the game without experiencing trouble when breathing, talking, or swallowing.

Adequate thickness

Everyone’s mouth is different, as well as their needs. One of the good things in letting a dentist create the mouth guards is, they can take the athlete’s particular sport into consideration. During their first appointment in getting mouth guards, patients should inform the dentist about the games they are involved with to adjust the thickness of the oral appliance.


In keeping your mouth healthy, it is best not to settle for less! Instead of buying store-bought mouth protectors! Avail of custom-made Mouth Guards in Tinton Falls, NJ that offers the best possible protection against dental injuries. Call or visit us at NJ Laser Dentistry to have yours created.