Reasons Why Sleep Apnea Should Never Be Underestimated

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Getting a good quality of sleep is essential for a person to function properly throughout the day. Not getting enough sleep can cause a person to have a tiring and nonproductive day at work or school. They may even have trouble focusing and notice that they are more irritable than usual. That said, patients should remember that it is not all about sleeping; it should be enough as well. If they experience disruptions and frequent awakenings at night, they are still more likely to feel tired in the morning.

One factor that can cause a person not to get enough rest is sleep apnea. To those who are unfamiliar with the condition, it is a type of disorder that causes a person to stop breathing during sleep for a few seconds to a few minutes. What makes it harmful is, the pauses can repeatedly occur multiple times a night, every day. That is why we at NJ Laser Dentistry highly encourage our patients to seek the assistance of professionals by considering a Sleep Apnea Treatment.

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Sleep apnea is a condition that should never be left untreated since the overall health of a patient can be put at risk. Here is a list of conditions people suffering from sleep apnea can experience.

Type 2 Diabetes

Although there is no clear link between sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes, there is one factor that makes it possible. Not getting enough sleep can cause the body not to use insulin properly; this is one reason that can lead to diabetes.

Weight gain

Sleep apnea can cause the body to release the hormone ghrelin, which makes a person crave for sweets and carbohydrates—causing them to gain weight. Unfortunately, weight gain results to additional fat deposits on the neck that makes it more likely for the person to experience blockage of the airway during sleep; AKA sleep apnea. And since the person does not get enough sleep, they don’t have enough energy to work out.

Heart disease

The stress caused by frequent awakenings and low oxygen levels makes a person more likely to have a heart attack. The same reason makes a person suffer from atrial fibrillation (fluttering heartbeat) and stroke. These complications are due to the disruption of oxygen supply to the body that causes the brain to have trouble in controlling the flow of blood to the arteries and to itself.

High blood pressure

Frequent awakenings at night can cause the hormone system to go overdrive, which increases the blood pressure level. That said, sleep apnea can make matters worse to patients who already have it. The pauses in breathing that causes the oxygen level of the blood to drop can add on to the issue.

To prevent the health issues listed above and more, book your appointment with NJ Laser Dentistry and undergo our Sleep Apnea Treatment in Tinton Falls, NJ! Call or visit us at 818 Shrewsbury Ave., Tinton Falls, NJ 07724 to get started.