Orthodontics 101: Familiarizing Lingual Braces

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Lingual braces, like traditional braces, straighten the teeth using metal components but with a significant difference. The brackets and wires are bonded at the back portion of the teeth or the “lingual” side, hiding it from other people’s views. Due to this feature, people who have always wanted and needed to get braces but are conscious about wearing a mouthful of conspicuous metal can now have a favorable option. For our patients at NJ Laser Dentistry, who are curious about lingual braces, we have prepared a list of things to know about the treatment. Continue reading below!

traditional braces


Unlike traditional metal braces that need to be bonded on each tooth, lingual braces can just be placed on certain teeth. The dentist formulates a treatment plan for a particular patient, depending on their dental concerns. If there are a few teeth that need to be straightened, then these are the only structures where the lingual braces will be installed.

Food restrictions

Since lingual braces are similar to the traditional approach, patients are also advised to avoid hard foods as these can damage the appliance. Sticky foods are also a no-go since these can get stuck behind the braces, which can be challenging to get rid of.


Aside from lingual braces, clear aligners also offer a discreet approach by using transparent trays to straighten the teeth. The problem is, aligners require the patient’s commitment to remember the schedule of wear and when to make the switch to a new set of trays. However, clear aligners are not effective in fixing severe dental problems. In the case of lingual braces, they are permanently bonded on the teeth—making them a more convenient option.


Since lingual braces are attached at the back portion of the teeth, wearers may have some trouble speaking clearly and even experience tongue irritations. Fortunately, if the mouth has adjusted to the orthodontic appliance, these troubles will go away quickly. Since the metal components don’t touch the cheek lining, irritation to this tissue is nonexistent.

Apart from the discreet advantage lingual braces provide, our dental practice goes one step further by offering Powerprox Six Month Braces. Thanks to this addition, patients can achieve the smile they desire in a shorter time frame compared to traditional braces.


What are you waiting for! Achieve straighter teeth in a more discreet and faster approach by taking advantage of lingual braces under our Invisible & Adult Braces in Tinton Falls, NJ. Call or visit us at NJ Laser Dentistry to get started.