Get That Bright, White Smile You Have Been Dreaming of in Tinton Falls, NJ

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Being white is a popular goal for most people nowadays. Aside from skin whitening, the demand for teeth whitening products is high as well. Many brands took advantage of this opportunity by offering several means that promise the same thing – a bright, white smile. However, are these products even worth it? We at NJ Laser Dentistry encourage patients to not settle for less! Instead of opting for ineffective products, why not go for the professional approach? Our practice offers both in-office and at-home whitening to cater to the needs of our patients.

Teeth Whitening

KöR Whitening System

Compared to other teeth whitening systems, the potency of KöR is preserved by constantly refrigerating the product since it was created. Dental professionals are assured that the gel maintains its highest concentration not only after manufactured but also until it is delivered to their doors. When performing the treatment, the usual effectiveness of products lasts for 25 to 35 minutes before saliva can destroy the whitening agents upon contact. With KöR, this is prevented with the help of custom-made trays that fits perfectly over the teeth of patients. Saliva and sulcular fluids are sealed out for best results.

SheerWhite Whitening Strips

For people who are hoping to undergo teeth whitening treatments at the comfort of their homes, choosing our at-home whitening is better than opting for over the counter (OTC) products. The problem with OTC is, it contains less whitening agents since only professionals are allowed to administer high concentrations of whitening solutions. For better results, give SheerWhite whitening strips a go!

Instead of using the usual hydrogen peroxide, this particular product opted for carbamide peroxide. What’s good about the latter option is, patients are less likely to experience sensitivity and irritation. Plus, carbamide can last longer so patients can wear the strips more for faster whitening results. Patients are assured that the strips used can be easily molded to completely cover both the upper and lower teeth not only for better effectivity but for excellent comfort too.

What are you waiting for? Get started in attaining your dream smiles without the troubles and ineffectiveness of most products that can be purchased online and at physical shops! Instead, go for the professional approach to get the best results possible.

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