All the Facts About Dentures in Tinton Falls, NJ That You Should Know

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Dentures are great for people who want to restore their teeth easily. They do not need to undergo surgical operations to regain their smiles because the placement of dentures is straightforward. That is how traditional dentures work. Here at NJ Laser Dentistry, we only take the impressions of our patients’ teeth and send the mold afterward to the dental technician. Once fabricated, the prosthesis is then ready to be used. However, if patients wish to avail our fixed dentures, they may need to undergo surgery as this type of dental restoration uses dental implants. For patients to understand dentures further, we listed down the essential facts about it:


Dentures are made even better

Technological advances provided patients a better dental restoration that they deserve. If dentures were fake-looking before, the teeth replacement has been improved in today’s time. The materials used to create a denture nowadays are of excellent quality; thus, providing patients with natural-looking smiles.

At-home denture repairs won’t work

There will be times that dentures may need repairs. While it is tempting to do self-repairs, denture-wearers are highly discouraged from doing this practice. Leave the job at the hands of the dental professional to avoid further damage and losing the oral device completely.

Dentures can slightly affect chewing function

Many wearers may find eating foods a problem with dentures as the teeth replacement, especially the traditional one, can get unsteady in the mouth sometimes. Some may need to alter their diets, ditching hard foods and switching to soft alternatives. Nevertheless, patients can still get dentures without affecting their chewing functionality through the use of dental implants. Fixed dentures are more stable and secure compared to the conventional type.

Denture-wearers are required to see the dentist routinely

Even if the denture doesn’t show signs of problems, wearers are still inclined to visit the dentist for checkups regularly. That way, they will be able to get away from dental complications such as gum disease and even oral cancer. Dental professionals can also check the denture and help maintain its good condition.

Note that no matter how durable modern dentures compared to the previous ones, no teeth replacement offers a lifetime solution. Like other prostheses, dentures need to be replaced after five to seven years.

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